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Hayley Campbell


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Hiring: NeuroMotive Coach

Job Description
Part Time- Approximately 15 hours a week
Hours- Primarily afternoon/evenings Monday-Friday
Sub Contractors welcome to apply

Job Summary
-Plan and facilitate private and small group sessions for children with varying abilities under the direction of the Program Coordinator and in-line with IgniteGym’s standard operating procedures and etiquette.

Key Responsibilities
-Plan and facilitate sessions
-Set up and clean up
-Work towards fulfillment of client goals outlined in their care plan
-Participate in review of client goals
-Act in a professional and responsible manner showing respect to all clients and their caregivers
-Report any injuries, damages, incidents occurring in the facility
-Remain in constant communication with Program Coordinator

Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check
-CPR/First Aid
-High School Diploma
-College or University Education in an Education, Fitness or PT/OT Assistant program
-Minimum 2 years of experience working with children of varying abilities
-Additional experience working with children with Autism, ADHD, Brain Injuries, ODD, FASD, etc is an asset
-Experience promoting health and well-being through physical activity

Skill Requirements
Respect for privacy and confidentiality
Dependability and trustworthiness
Good communication and active listening skills
Capacity to remain calm and patient in unexpected situations
Ability to work well independently and as part of a team

To apply: Email Applications to ignitegymhq@gmail.com


You got this !

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In the midst of another strict lockdown, IgniteGym has been forced to close is doors to the physical location much like MANY other businesses and services in the city until the end of the month.  Although our doors are closed, our services are still available via Zoom. If you would like to continue sessions virtually, or  if you or your child just need to talk to someone, please reach out. We are always available to help.

This pandemic has been and continues to be a huge challenge for all of us. Mentally, physically, emotionally–all of it. The children have adapted to new normals and are shining examples of how to demonstrate resiliency. None of this pandemic has been easy for any of us and for some it may be harder than others.

I just saw a picture online (there was no source) but it said, “Chin up beautiful. You are not struggling. You are simply mid conquer.” It hit home for me, and I wanted to share it with those who needed it hear it. Please go easy on yourself. Roll with the punches and do what is best for your family. It doesn’t matter what others think. You know your children best. If you are struggling, reach out. Just because we are locked down, doesn’t mean you are alone. There is help available and always an ear to listen. I truly believe in the benefits of talking to someone and exercise.

Hopefully this wave will pass quickly and we will see you all back in the gym soon!




Negative Reactions

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When a child has a negative response to a task, there is more to it. They usually aren’t intentionally being defiant or trying to make you upset.
Perhaps you daughter has fallen to the floor screaming at the mention of cleaning her room. Maybe your son has angrily dumped out his favourite toy bucket when you asked him to start his homework. Parents/Caregivers very often report that the children are having difficulties with poor behaviour at school and home. This may look like simply refusing to do the task and sitting quietly at their desk, possibly striking a teacher, or maybe leaving the property. Usually, there is more to the response.

Look for a few different things.

Is it too hard?
Are there too many steps?
Is it a new task?
Do they know  exactly where to start?
Are they leaving something else unfinished to attend to the new task?
Are their basic needs met (are they hangry or tired)?
Are they aware of the rewards?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you likely have found the reason behind their negative response.

Tasks need to be expressed in the very simplest form, one step at a time. For example. Go clean your room. That’s a huge daunting task. Start with this: Please go get the dirty clothes from you room. Thanks! Great! Now, can you take this bag and fill it up with the garbage from your room? Well done! Now start with your red bin and grab the toys that go in that bin. Continue one step at a time until its clean or half clean or whatever deal you have made!

Another example: Your son left the room when handed a math worksheet. Don’t give him the worksheet. Give him a white board and marker with 1 question written at a time.  Lots of praise after each question and let him erase the board after each one!

A common example from the gym: When given the next task, the child refuses to return from play time. The child is likely not seeing how they will be able to succeed. We need to break it down further for them and lay out the rewards. Generally children want to succeed. They want to “win”. If they think they can do it, they will do it. If they think they will fail, they won’t try it. Make them see the steps to success. Start with the low hanging fruit. The easy wins get the ball rolling!

We’ve all had it happen. We ask a child to do something and they turn into a completely different child! Who is this kid!? Look back at the situation and ask yourself the above questions. You’ll likely be able to see where the problem occurred.

Now, there are always exceptions to this and sometimes there is much more going on but these are just some general tips that I hope may help a few of you. Please feel free to contact us with further questions or share some success stories.

Where to start?

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When you’re feeling defeated, wondering what to do next, it may sound like a simple minded solution, but first- Smile. Trust me.

A smile is the first step in the right direction. First, take a step back from the situation and find something that makes you smile. If you are stressed, overwhelmed or angry, you won’t make the best decisions.  A walk, some fresh air, an episode of the show you’ve been watching late into the night after the kids are sleeping (guilty), a phone call to vent with your bestie, whatever makes you smile. Then come back to the task at hand.

Same goes for your child. If you are needing some quality effort, behaviour or decision making skills from your child, get them to smile first. Creating a positive attitude and a growth mindset will give you far greater results than if you force them into something with a negative mindset. Get them a snack, talk about good things that happened throughout their day, play some music, go for a walk, colour, etc.

The first job for you and your child is to be happy, take care of your mindset FIRST.

At Ignite, we start each session with a smile. We play, have some free time, campfire (talk about the things that come to mind first), smile, then get to work. Sometimes, they arrive with a smile and this only takes a few minutes. Other children arrive after a pretty stressful day at school or home, and a smile is harder to crack. Our jobs as coaches is to induce a positive mindset fFIRST to get the best possible work out of them. If this takes 20 minutes, and we get 10 minutes of work? Fine. Its what they needed on that day. 10 minutes of quality work is better than 20 minutes of work with little to no effort.

Try it. Smile.



Coach Introduction- Kirstin

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Hi I’m Kirstin!

I grew up in the small town of Echo Bay, about 30 minutes East of Sault Ste. Marie. I live with my parents and twin sister in a quiet little lake side neighbourhood.

I am a very creative thinker, and an absolute perfectionist! I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Honours Psychology at Algoma University. I plan to apply to the Speech Pathology program at University of Toronto after completing my bachelors degree with hopes to eventually achieve my dream of becoming a Speech therapist and working with children.

I first heard about IgniteGym through a close friend and was introduced to the work done at the IgniteGym during training for a respite work position. Months later, I began coaching at Ignite which combined my love for working with kids, with the enjoyment and positive impacts of exercise.


Coach Introduction- Paris

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Hi, my name is Paris!
I live on St. Joseph’s Island with my husband Brandon and our 2 kittens. In my spare time, I love to visit family, play sports, exercise, go for four wheeler rides, be outside, work on organizing my house, and watch Netflix too of course.
I am the oldest of 5 children (I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters). I graduated from the Early Childhood Education program at Sault College in April of 2020. I also work for Childcare Algoma at the daycare in Echo Bay.
If you were to look at my biography compared to Coach Hayley’s, you might notice that they seem quite similar. That’s because Hayley has been one of my biggest influences and role models throughout my life (she is my cousin). Her dedication and positive energy always inspired me to want to be just like her. I have been working at Ignite since 2018 and it has given me the skills and experience to integrate into my everyday work. My favourite part about working for Ignite is to help children set goals and to help them see their strengths and “bright spots” each day. It is so rewarding to be a part of those smiles!

Coach Introduction- Taylor

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My name is Taylor and I am a motivated Coach here at IgniteGym.

I have a B.S. in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Occupational/Physiotherapy Assistant.  I grew up playing hockey and soccer. I started at the young age of 4. It gives me a positive and outgoing leadership aspect when working with children! My goal is it have the most positive impact on people that I work with. I am passionate about helping busy kids focus and break down problems through exercise.

Through my research as a student and my personal development, I have recognized  the benefits of combining school work with exercise. I have 5 years of experience helping people gain strength and mobility through exercise. I love working with all populations to push towards their goal!


Coach Introduction -Hayley

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Hi, I’m Hayley!

I live in a VERY small town of 400 people on a 200 acre farm with my husband Brandon and 3 kids- Laney- 6, Hanson- 3 and Wilder- 6 months. We love the outdoors and staying busy. Our favourite activities include: biking, swimming, snowshoeing, hockey, figure skating, woodworking and Cricut-crafting, but also Netflix 😉

I am the owner of IgniteGym. I have been coaching with Ignite since 2013- right out of University.  I have my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I have always been passionate about exercise and the education of children.  So why not combine the two! In University, I completed my thesis and conducted research regarding the positive benefits of exercise on the brain and how it impacts the learning process.

(I’ll post some of my favourite research articles for you to enjoy next week 🙂 )

When I was 9, I began helping a young boy who had Autism. Ever since, I have enjoyed researching and working with children with special needs. More importantly, finding ways to help them find their own success!

Nice to meet you all!

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

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Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs is a theory proposed by a psychologist named Abraham Maslow to explain human motivation. There is no scientific basis for the theory but…well..it just makes sense…so at Ignite we use it to guide our session planning for each individual.

The theory states that an individual will not be motivated past the level of needs that are currently being met. Which means that if they are struggling with one of the steps in the process, they aren’t going to feel motivated to move forward.

Step 1- Physiological Needs. Air, food, sleep, shelter, etc. We need to make sure the individual is getting the appropriate sleep, food and shelter they need. When children come in after a poor night sleep or right after school with no snack, their performance suffers and we usually need to adjust our plans. Ensuring these needs are met is #1 . Would you feel like working with an empty stomach and no sleep? Me neither.

Step 2- Safety and Security. Health, family, stability, support.  We need to make sure the children feel secure and supported and are feeling safe!

Step 3- Love and Belongingness. This one is all about the repor we build with the individual. We create a mutual understanding of each other. Boundaries are set and a positive safe space is created.

Step 4. Self Esteem. Now we are getting closer to be able to really get down to work!  Confidence and Self Esteem is critical to be successful. We use a variety of techniques and activities to build confidence.  Easy wins, low hanging fruit and achievements encourage the very important growth mindset. Get them “winning” !!

Step 5. The last step before getting into the real work. Self Actualization! Realizing their inner potential and understanding why they are at Ignite.

So, that all being said, its a process! Kids need to be set up for success. You need to set the intention and work up to the main goal.

If a child comes in and doesn’t know anything about you or your program, they aren’t going to want to get into working on the problematic areas with you. Take the time to build them up. It may take 1 session to get through the steps. It may take 1 month. Its an investment of your time. The rewards will outweigh the time spent preparing them!

The Ignite 101 course will teach you exactly how to do this !