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Hiring: NeuroMotive Coach

Job Description
Part Time- Approximately 15 hours a week
Hours- Primarily afternoon/evenings Monday-Friday
Sub Contractors welcome to apply

Job Summary
-Plan and facilitate private and small group sessions for children with varying abilities under the direction of the Program Coordinator and in-line with IgniteGym’s standard operating procedures and etiquette.

Key Responsibilities
-Plan and facilitate sessions
-Set up and clean up
-Work towards fulfillment of client goals outlined in their care plan
-Participate in review of client goals
-Act in a professional and responsible manner showing respect to all clients and their caregivers
-Report any injuries, damages, incidents occurring in the facility
-Remain in constant communication with Program Coordinator

Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check
-CPR/First Aid
-High School Diploma
-College or University Education in an Education, Fitness or PT/OT Assistant program
-Minimum 2 years of experience working with children of varying abilities
-Additional experience working with children with Autism, ADHD, Brain Injuries, ODD, FASD, etc is an asset
-Experience promoting health and well-being through physical activity

Skill Requirements
Respect for privacy and confidentiality
Dependability and trustworthiness
Good communication and active listening skills
Capacity to remain calm and patient in unexpected situations
Ability to work well independently and as part of a team

To apply: Email Applications to ignitegymhq@gmail.com


Meet the Clients – Kristy

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Meet Kristy!

Kristy is Delilah’s fierce Mama!

Delilah is almost 9 years old and she has Cerebral Palsy. Delilah has been with us for 2.5 years and has been working on standing with assistance, grip strength, communication and engaging with the coach. Kristy is such a strong advocator for Delilah. She doesn’t ever want Delilah to get left behind and she wants to help Delilah find success !

We love having her smiling face in the gym each week!

Your Attention, Please!

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Our brains are capable of carrying out a number of attention tasks and are shaped by environmental and developmental factors.  When developmental factors such as motivation, past/prior experiences and current knowledge base interact with different environmental situations our brains begin to adapt by strengthening the attention skills used most often. Simply put, how we spend our days shapes what we pay attention to and how efficiently these processes function.

Attention has two degrees “passive” (daydreaming in class) and “active” (when a teacher calls our name) and can be broken down into five types:

Normal: the act of being engaged and focused on a single task.

Selective: the act of being engaged and focused on a single task while blocking out some other stimuli.

Divided: the act of performing multiple tasks simultaneously, one passive and other active. Ie. Doing homework (active) while the television is on (passive).

Alternating: the act of shifting attention that pique interest during two separate tasks requiring active attention, happening at the same time. Ie. Overhearing a conversation while reading a book.

Concentration: the sustained act of being engaged and focused on a single task over a certain amount of time.


Enhancing Attention

Being able to recognize and then predict what attention skills will be needed to complete a task efficiently are the first steps to enhancing concentration, focus and attention.  From there it’s all about practice through play.

Try out the following Attention Puzzles for time.  Puzzles 1 and 2 will challenge alternating attention because it requires you to shift between letters and numbers.  Starting at A draw a line to number 1, then from 1 to B and so on.  Puzzles 3 and 4 will challenge alternating and selective attention by having to block out random symbols that are not relevant to the trail.  Finally, Puzzle 5 will challenge a combination of all types of attention. Complete this grid by writing the coordinates beside each letter (A = R7,C4)

*Complete these puzzles after each round of a short and intense workout for maximum brain benefits!




Ignite Worldwide Challenge

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On December 15, Ignite will host a worldwide throwdown for all ages.

What: three events, each combining a CrossFit-style workout with a cognitive challenge.

Who: age groups 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12+, and Adult

Any CrossFit gym or school can participate, even if you’re new to the Ignite program!

Each challenge will focus on a different type of cognition. Any of the three events could include one or more of:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Focus

CrossFit portions of the challenges will be scaleable for all ages and abilities.

Participating gyms and schools will have from 6am PT (9am EST) until 5pm PT (8pm PST) to complete the challenges.

Fee is $10 per participating gym (each may have unlimited athletes.) REGISTER ONLINE HERE

Upon registration, the host will receive an information package containing standards of movement, a brief outline of the challenges, a scoresheet, and instructions for submitting scores.

It’s your chance to try Ignite in your gym! Simple to implement, and fun for everyone! Give it a shot!

Sample challenge: Plate Pyramid

Plate Challenge

Ignite NeuroMotive Coach Online Certification – September 15

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On Saturday, the sixth Ignite NeuroMotive Coach Certification class began. With participants from all over the United States, it’s sure to be a very lively collaborative process.

Participants will:

  • Receive two hours of participatory video lecture each week
  • Contribute to Case Studies weekly
  • Participate in a weekly Group online video session
  • Complete a back-and-forth examination at the conclusion.

Inevitably, every group finds itself “campfiring” – making connections during discussion, or “jam sessions” – and this adds greatly to the Certification process. The Coaches in your group will help form part of your career-long Ignite network; the more diversity, the better!

Our next Online Certification Course will begin September 15, 2012. Pre-register online here (reserve your spot for as little as $100!)