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Ignite 101

By July 30, 2015Uncategorized

Download the Ignite 101 Participant Handbook below:

101 Workbook 2.1

Click here to get started.

You’ll also be prompted to download worksheets and participate in BrainWODs throughout the course!

Obviously, there’s a LOT to cover. This course will serve as a general basis for offering cognitive training. It will be a prerequisite to more advanced courses for those wishing to pursue a specialization.

Ignite 101 Course Itinerary

Introduction: Why Ignite? Why brain? Why exercise?

BrainWOD 1– speed math warm up + Math workout

Lesson 1: The Brain

BrainWOD 2: Tabata cards

Lesson 2: The Brain-Body Connection

BrainWOD 3: Alternating-attention warm up + N-back game.

Lesson 3: Thinking

BrainWOD 4: Plate Puzzle relay

Lesson 4: Motivation

BrainWOD 5: Names and faces, wordlist

Lesson 5: Behavior

BrainWOD 6: Mastermind

Lesson 6: Methods

BrainWOD 7: Movement password

Lesson 7: Running an Ignite Program

BrainWOD 8: Tribond shuttle relay

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