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Meet the Clients – Kristy

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Meet Kristy!

Kristy is Delilah’s fierce Mama!

Delilah is almost 9 years old and she has Cerebral Palsy. Delilah has been with us for 2.5 years and has been working on standing with assistance, grip strength, communication and engaging with the coach. Kristy is such a strong advocator for Delilah. She doesn’t ever want Delilah to get left behind and she wants to help Delilah find success !

We love having her smiling face in the gym each week!

Meet the Clients –Talan

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Meet Talan!

He has been with Ignite since 2012. He has an Acquired Brain Injury from a car accident in Senior Kindergarten. I have been working with him since Grade 3. He just graduated grade 8!! So, it is safe to say we have both challenged each other a time a two! Now, normally this guy is so full of stories the video would be 10 minutes long, but NOW, he is a teenager so he is far too cool for an interview :p .

Talan has been my bright spot for years and it is such a pleasure having him with IgniteGym. Keep working as hard as you do and making as many people laugh, Talan!

BrainWOD: April 20, 2020

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3 Rounds

1 minute child’s pose
1 minute downward dog
1 minute child’s pose

Sunny Spot (This activity was taken from an awesome teacher at our school :))

Sit in a sunny spot. Think about how that spot feels and describe it. Think about the 5 senses. Really take a few minutes to enjoy that sunny spot. Take some deep breaths and maybe even a few deep stretches. Enjoy today!

Day 20

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200m Run (or 1:00 run on the spot)
10 Wall Walks
20 Donkey Kicks
30 Walking Lunges
200 m Run
30Walking Lunges
20 Donkey Kicks
10 Wall Walks
200 m Run

10:00 Journaling. Write about the Pro’s and Con’s of isolation. How are you feeling? What do you need to change? Do you need help? Can you offer any help?



Day 18

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Skip Counting Practice

Based on your child’s age and ability, choose numbers to practice skip counting. Skip count your reps of each movement instead of counting one at a time. Here is an example, I used for my own 6 year old.

Count each movement to 100. 2 Rounds

Butt Kicks- Count each rep by 2
High Knees- Count by 5
Tuck Jumps- Count by 10
Jumping Jacks- Count by 2
Squats- Count by 5
Push ups- Count by 10