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Product Description

The Ignite 101 seminar is a six-module introduction to offering cognitive coaching at your gym or school.

Services for the following clients will be discussed:

Brain Injury

Autism Spectrum





Obviously, there’s a LOT to cover. This course will serve as a general basis for offering cognitive training. It will be a prerequisite to more advanced courses for those wishing to pursue a specialization.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: The Brain

  1. Brain Physiology
  2. BDNF
  3. Brain Plasticity
  4. How a Brain Changes Itself
  5. The 10 Cognitive Domains

Lesson 2: The Brain-Body Connection

  1. Integration Between The Two Hemispheres of the Brain
  2. The Vestibular System
  3. Movement and Learning
  4. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  5. Nutrition for Cognition
  6. Injuries, Pain, Immobility and Cognitive Function
  7. Is Your Environment a Postural Assassin?
  8. Sleep and Brain Development
  9. Positive Emotions

Lesson 3: Thinking

  1. How We Think
  2. The Learning Continuum
  3. Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  4. The Talent Myth
  5. Cognitive Load
  6. Why Change is Exhausting

Lesson 4: Motivation

  1. Motivation
  2. Bright Spots
  3. The Joy Cycle
  4. The Practice Paradigm
  5. The Low-Hanging Fruit
  6. “Right-Now” Goals

Lesson 5: Behavior

  1. Failure 101
  2. How Can Failure Lead to Success?
  3. Play, Fail, Learn, Repeat
  4. Locus of Control
  5. Procrastination is Natural
  6. Types of Mistakes
  7. Learning from Mistakes
  8. The “Flow” State
  9. Visualization

Lesson 6: Methods and How to Conduct Sessions



Who can benefit from this course?

Anyone who would like to:

Help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health, etc

Provide tutoring services

Know more about the psychology of coaching “regular” athletes

Enhance their Youth programming

Add a new stream of programming or specialty service



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