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Tutors Wanted

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The Ignite method is practiced in schools and gyms around the world.

With the our NEW location at 130 Wellington St. East, we’re launching the Ignite Tutoring program for elementary and high school students. And we need fun experts!

Ignite incorporates exercise with academics in a “game-like” atmosphere. This service is for a normally-functioning population (no behavioral challenges.) A typical Ignite Tutoring session looks like this:

  • 5-8minute “BrainWOD” incorporating a physical game
  • 3-5 minute “Focus” Skills
  • 20 minutes of intensely productive study time

Some students will have access to an open “study hall” each month, to complete their homework assignments.

On Monday, 11/16, we’ll host an information session for potential tutors at Ignite’s new classroom in “The Tech” at 130 Wellington St. East. If you’re a teacher looking for a way to help kids and make some extra income; love exercise; and really love kids, show up and hear about a one-of-a-kind opportunity!

What: IgniteGym Tutoring Q+A for Potential Tutors

Where: IgniteGym, 130 Wellington St. East (call for room number)

When: November 16 at 7pm

Want to save a spot? Email tyler@ignitegym.com.

FREE Concussion Seminar

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Myles’s head shot came during the first game last season. He didn’t lose consciousness, but left the game feeling dizzy and threw up in the parking lot.
Though he reported feeling “a bit better” the next day, he was tested at ConcussionPro and his scores showed a big problem: lack of focus, loss of memory and dizziness when his heart rate increased. His concussion was more serious than originally believed.
It took Myles over a month to return to play, but he did so with the support of his parents, doctor and coach. After several retests at ConcussionPro, his doc cleared him to play with zero symptoms. Most importantly, his potential for long-term brain damage was minimized.
Concussion stories are everywhere, but usually focus on adults. But most of the truly traumatic stories don’t come from one single blow to the head. The depression, anxiety and long-term brain damage you see in the media is usually the result of several concussions. And most suffered their first as children.
The best helmet in the world won’t prevent a concussion. But parents and coaches can minimize the long-term risk with baseline testing, proper identification and knowledge of long-term risks. On May 9, we’ll show you how to do it all. It’s a free course for parents and sports coaches.
Attendees will learn:
  • The importance of baseline testing–what is it, and how to do it
  • How to recognize a concussion
  • How to TREAT a concussion
  • How and when to return to play.
Attendees will be given a downloadable copy of our Concussion Tracking Log FREE with attendance.
We educate local parents and coaches through annual seminars. We test kids through our ConcussionPro program BEFORE they suffer a concussion. And now we’re going even further: our latest Exercise and Enrichment Podcast is all about concussion, its effects and management.
Sport is good for kids, but carries risks. The most common injuries aren’t broken arms or jammed fingers: they’re the invisible (but far more serious) hits to the head. Let’s keep YOUR kid from bruising their melon.
Read more about concussions in The CrossFit Journal here.

Ignite Worldwide Challenge

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Welcome to the Ignite Online Worldwide Challenge!

Below you will find all of the rules, movement standards, resources needed, and demo videos required for this competition. All results must be e-mail to jarret@ignitegym.com by 4pm.

Good luck, and have fun!

Challenge #1
Competitors will be given an opportunity to memorize a number, then perform one round of Cindy:
5 pull ups;
10 push ups;
15 squats;
After one round of Cindy, the competitor will report to their judge and the competitor will be expected to restate that number correctly. The competitor will continue in this manner until they are no longer able to correctly recall the number. For example, in round one the competitor be allowed as much time as necessary to memorize one, 2 digit number, perform one round of Cindy, and report to the judge to correctly recall the number. At the start of round 2, the competitor will receive a new 2 digit number to memorize. Every third round, the number that the competitor is required to memorize will increase by one digit.

Challenge 1 – Cindy Recall Numbers
Once the athlete can no longer successfully recall the number set given to them, their score is posted as the last successful round.
Time Cap: 20 minutes.

Demo Video

Scaled Exercises
Competitors may:
– Use a band to do pull-ups, or perform body weight rows;
–  Perform push-ups with their knees on the ground, while only lifting their upper body off the floor until arms are locked out;
– Use a box or medicine ball to squat onto.

Challenge #2: Fran-amatics
21 Thrusters
21 Pull-ups
Complete 21 questions
15 Thrusters
15 Pull-ups
Complete 15 questions
9 Thrusters
9 Pull-ups
Complete 9 questions
In round one, competitors are expected to perform 21 thrusters and 21 pull ups then complete 21 math questions – there is a specific sheet designated for round 1, they must use that sheet, for that particular age group. Once all 21 math questions are complete, the competitor may move on. In round two, competitors are expected perform 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups and 15 math questions. Please ensure that competitors are using the worksheet designated for round 2 for that particular age group. In the exact same fashion as the first round, they may move on once all 15 questions are complete. In round three, competitors will complete 9 thrusters, 9 pull-ups and 9 math questions. Please ensure that competitors are using the worksheet designated for round 3 for that particular age group. Once competitors are finished all 9 math questions, the challenge is complete. Competitors may skip questions if they are stuck; however their score is dependent upon the number of correctly answered questions. Competitors may not go back to previous round questions to change the answers or work on missed questions. For example, if a competitor skipped a question in the first round of 21, once they move on to start their 15 thrusters, they are no longer allowed to attempt on questions on that first sheet.

Challenge 2 – Franamatics age 3 to 5 Questions

Challenge 2 -Franamatics ages 6 to 8 Questions

Challenge 2 – Franamatics ages 9 to 11 Questions

Challenge 2 – Franamatics Ages 12 plus Questions

 Demo Video

Post total time and number of accurately completed math questions.
Competitors receive 2 seconds off their Fran time for each successful math question answered.
Ages 12+: Thrusters – Male: 65lbs, Female: 45lbs
Ages 9 -11: Thrusters – Male: 35lbs, Female: 25lbs
Ages 6-8: Thrusters – Male: 15lbs, Female 10lbs
Ages 3-5: Thrusters – Male and Female: PVC
Rep Scheme
Ages 9+ will perform the prescribed number of reps for each exercise: 21-15-9

Ages 3-8 may scale if necessary to the rep scheme of 15-12-9
Scaled Exercises
Competitors may
– Reduce the weight for thrusters;
– Perform banded pull-ups or body weight rows instead of pull-ups.
– Answer any question on the sheet associated with that particular round.
– Use a scrap sheet of paper to perform calculations

Challenge #3

3 Rounds:
1 minute to memorize words…
Then 5 minutes to complete the following:
30 Mountain Climbers
20 lunge jumps
5 Forward Rolls
Bear Crawl 10 meters
Find all of the words you memorized before the exercise in a word search with the remaining time in the round.
Each competitor starts with memorizing the words from the word list only – competitors are not yet allowed to use the word search. The competitors will have one minute to memorize the words in the particular word list – there is a word list assigned to each age group; ensure the correct list is being used. After the minute is up, the competitors will have a total of five minutes complete the assigned amount of reps for each exercise – when all reps of each exercise are complete they now have the remainder of the five minutes to find the all of the words they memorized in the word search. Once the five minute time cap is up, they will repeat the first step of memorizing words from the word list only (no word search). After the minute is up the competitors will have five minutes to, again complete the workout and in the remaining time will search for all of the memorized words.
Post the amount of words found in the word search at the end of the workout.

Challenge 3 – Ages 3 to 5 Word Search

Challenge 3 – ages 6 to 8 Word Search

Challenge 3 – Ages 9+ Word Search

Demo Video

Scaled Exercises
Competitors may perform:
20 walking lunges instead of 20 lunge jumps;
10 stink bug push ups or a 30 second handstand hold instead of 10 HSPU;

5 log rolls instead of 5 forward rolls.
Ages 3-5: 10 words

Ages 6-8: 20 words
Ages 9+: 30 words

Ignite Online Challenge – Standards of Movement

Ignite Online Challenge Score Sheet