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Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

By November 19, 2020Blog

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs is a theory proposed by a psychologist named Abraham Maslow to explain human motivation. There is no scientific basis for the theory but…well..it just makes sense…so at Ignite we use it to guide our session planning for each individual.

The theory states that an individual will not be motivated past the level of needs that are currently being met. Which means that if they are struggling with one of the steps in the process, they aren’t going to feel motivated to move forward.

Step 1- Physiological Needs. Air, food, sleep, shelter, etc. We need to make sure the individual is getting the appropriate sleep, food and shelter they need. When children come in after a poor night sleep or right after school with no snack, their performance suffers and we usually need to adjust our plans. Ensuring these needs are met is #1 . Would you feel like working with an empty stomach and no sleep? Me neither.

Step 2- Safety and Security. Health, family, stability, support.  We need to make sure the children feel secure and supported and are feeling safe!

Step 3- Love and Belongingness. This one is all about the repor we build with the individual. We create a mutual understanding of each other. Boundaries are set and a positive safe space is created.

Step 4. Self Esteem. Now we are getting closer to be able to really get down to work!  Confidence and Self Esteem is critical to be successful. We use a variety of techniques and activities to build confidence.  Easy wins, low hanging fruit and achievements encourage the very important growth mindset. Get them “winning” !!

Step 5. The last step before getting into the real work. Self Actualization! Realizing their inner potential and understanding why they are at Ignite.

So, that all being said, its a process! Kids need to be set up for success. You need to set the intention and work up to the main goal.

If a child comes in and doesn’t know anything about you or your program, they aren’t going to want to get into working on the problematic areas with you. Take the time to build them up. It may take 1 session to get through the steps. It may take 1 month. Its an investment of your time. The rewards will outweigh the time spent preparing them!

The Ignite 101 course will teach you exactly how to do this !





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