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3:00 AMRAP
10 KB swings
10 lunges

1:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP
20 squats
20 Russian twists

3:00 AMRAP
30 ring rows
30 push ups

Then: First to Add it Up
You will need one deck of cards and 2 or more players.

Players take turns flipping 3 cards at a time. It is a race to call out the total of the 3 cards. The first person to shout out the answer, gets that number of points. Play continues until all cards have been flipped.


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5 Rounds

4 Pistols
8 kettlebell swings
12 sit ups
30 seconds on each story starter

Continue these Story Starters. Written or verbally.

R1- I woke up in Mindcraft and….
R2- I climbed to the top of the world. When I looked down, I saw….
R3- I dreamed I swallowed a giant marshmallow and…
R4- I opened my drawer and found…
R5- I flew out my window and…


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1:00 burpulls (burpee + pull-up)
1:00 push presses
1:00 one-legged hops
1:00 jumping jacks
1:00 overhead carry, dodgeball medicine ball
1:00 Burpee pull ups

Choose a category. For every letter of the alphabet, come up with an object from your category.

Ex. Fruits. A-apple B-Banana C-cantaloupe….

You can use any category that the individual is familiar with. Fruits, bands, cities, athletes, etc.


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Run/Row/Bike 2 km (Increase or decrease distance as needed)

Solve the following problem.

You can add 3 numbers in a row to equal 74.
You can add 4 numbers in a row to equal 74.
You can add 5 numbers in a row to equal 75.
Two statements are true. Which one is a lie?


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3x or 5:00
Handstand hold/attempt => handstand walk or bear crawl => alligator crawl
Crab walk => forward roll => 3 cartwheels
5 push-ups => 5 inchworms => 5 burpees
10-second active hang => 2 strict pull-ups or attempts
25-meter side shuffle right => 25-meter side shuffle left => 50-meter high-knee skip


One-word story
Each person in the room helps narrate a story but one word at a time! Come up with a quirky story title or theme and let the fun begin! Simplify the game by narrating the story one sentence at a time instead of one word at a time.