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By January 5, 2016wod

In Pairs:

Partner #1 run 200m
Partner #2 plank hold while #1 runs

Partner #2 Run 200m
Partner #1 plank hold while #2 runs
4 rounds

Then 2 rounds for each partner of N-Back Card Game (instructions below)

Before beginning, choose what card will be the indicator card (I use Queens). One partner is the dealer, they flip through the cards about 1 card per second. The other partner keeps track of what cards are being flipped over and they must write down what cards came before the indicator cards(N-back= the number of cards back from the indicator). You can choose the number of cards and whether to include colour and/or suits before starting. If it is the first time playing, I recommend starting with N-2 (the two cards before the indicator). Run through the whole deck of cards then switch partners. Do this two times each (or more if you want!)

As you become more familiar with N-Back, try N-2 with colour and suits, or N-3 with suits. It can get very challenging!





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