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Daily Challenge: Working Memory

By July 30, 2012Blog, wod

Warm up:

Jog 400m or Row 500m

3 rounds of:

3 forward rolls => bear crawl => 25-meter run =>25-meter sprint => basic dot drill x 10


At the beginning of each round, you will get an ‘x’-digit number to learn. You will complete each round, and then recall the number on the wall balls. Wall balls will be a little bit different this time: you will aim for each number and hit it with the ball as you recall the number given to you at the beginning of the round. ┬áSet up your wall like this, or similar:

5 rounds:

9 pushups

12 box jumps

‘x’ wall balls

Numbers to learn:

Round 1: 857

Round 2: 7932

Round 3: 18253

Round 4: 906538

Round 5: 2743856

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