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Daily Challenge: Synonyms and Antonyms

By October 31, 2012wod

Today, a tumbling warm up:

1. Forward Rolls X 3
2. Backward Rolls X 3
3. Dive Rolls X 3
4. Quick Rolls (3 successive rolls as fast as possible) X 3
5. Backward Split Roll X 3
6. Forward Roll To Bear Crawl
7. Backward Roll To Crab Crawl
8. Cartwheel-Forward Roll-Cartwheel
9. High Knees (running drill, length of mat)
10. Butt Kicks (running drill, length of mat)
11. Seat Rolls To Carioca
12. Seat Rolls to Shuffle (same as above but with side shuffle)
13. One Legged Hops (get up high and far, length of mat)
14. Two Legged Hops (get up high and far, length of mat)
15. Backpedal (backwards run, reaching back)
16. Wheelbarrow (partner holding feet or practice walking on hands if alone)


Figure 8s, trace 10 with each hand



walking lunges

pushups, with right hand raised

pushups, with left hand raised


As quickly as possible, fill in the table below, using synonyms (words that mean the same thing), and antonyms (opposite):

Antonym/Synonym Chart

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