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Daily Challenge: Pattern Finding

By November 2, 2012wod

Warm up:

2 rounds:

20 skips

10 situps

20 skips

Challenge: How many unbroken skips can you complete?

Then, as quickly as possible, link the numbers on this worksheet (NUMBER PATTERNS), in numerical order.  You may not pass through bubbles, you may only go around other bubbles.


Trace 5 figure 8 patterns with each hand and then each foot.


3 rounds:

1 kick to handstand

2 wall walks

4 pushups

8 situps

Challenge… how many kick to full handstands can you complete in 20 seconds?

Then… Complete this pattern finding worksheet (NUMBERS AND LETTERS) as quickly as possible. Connect the bubbles in an alternating number-letter pattern (A-1-B-2-…)

Post WOD Challenge score and time for Number and Letters to comments.


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