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Daily Challenge: Handwriting Numbers

By November 26, 2012wod

Warm up:

5 squats => 5 push-ups => 5 pull-ups => 50-meter high-knee skip => 25-meter side shuffle => 180-degree rotation => 25-meter side shuffle

then… write out digits 0-9 as neatly as possible, three times.


Basic dot drill, 30 seconds.


21 push press

21 toes to bar

write digits 0-9 forwards

15 push press

15 toes to bar

write digits 0-9 backwards – form the numbers in a reverse fashion (for example, start your 9 with an “upstroke” and then a circle, as opposed to the usual circle followed by a downstroke)

9 push press

9 toes to bar

write digits 0-9 upside down – use a line from your warm-up as a guide to write the “flipped” mirror-image of your digits.


Post time to comments. How legible are your digits?


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