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Daily Challenge: Cursive Writing Practice

By January 14, 2013wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

10 mountain climbers=> 10 walking lunges => 5 squats => 3-5 strict pull-ups => 10 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg => vault

Then, write out the alphabet in cursive writing three times.


Draw 10 figure 8 patterns on lined paper, from left to right on the page.


4 rounds:

5 deadlifts

5 hang power cleans

5 push press

After each round, write 15 of the following handwriting drills on lined paper:

1- linked loops – cursive ‘e’

2 – forward slash ///

3 – backward slash \

4- linked “bumps” – continuous cursive m’s

Finally, at the end of the wod, write the entire alphabet backwards, from z to a, right to left, in cursive writing.

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