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In January, we'll be offering different Enrichment programs for children. Last week, we focused on the art and skill of public speaking; this week, we'll consider Money Management for kids.

Like Public Speaking, budgeting and money management are more crucial now than ever. It's a social taboo to discuss money outside of the home, and many children aren't taught by their parents how to manage income to avoid debt. With bankruptcy rates exploding, families losing homes they've occupied but can't afford, and credit card debt at record levels, we think it's our responsibility to teach students how to avoid all of these traps.

Attached is the lesson plan we'll use for Week #3 of the course. Download it to peruse, try the activities, and start talking about money with your kids!

Download Lesson Three – Earning Money

Daily challenge: "Reaping The Benefit"

In teams of two, students earn pennies by completing the following:

1 burpee OR three squats OR five situps

Teams collect as many pennies as possible in 5:00. Only one partner may move at a time, though students may mix the exercises any way they like.

1 minute rest

Students must accumulate as many box jumps as possible, alternating partners, in 1:00. However, for every penny earned, they may 'buy' 5 seconds to be added to the  clock.

The winning team is the one who scores most box jumps.

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