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July 13-18 Programming: Hayley

By July 17, 2015Coach Journals

This week, Hayley has been working on public speaking.

She would like to improve her ability to speak in front of an audience. She would like to increase her confidence and fluency.

Hayley has not spent much time utilizing the skills needed for public speaking. So her week is focused around practice!

Movements                            5 push ups

5 squats

5 left leg hops

5 Right leg hops

5 burpees

5 Rounds


Quick Thinking Drill:

1 minute to think of as many words as possible that begin with the letter

‘B’ – remember the rules.

Focus drill:

Cross Crawl for 1 minute

Speech Game

“The History of…”

The History of…

Choose or make up your own starter topic. It can be about an animal, a person, an object, how a tradition was started, a reason why we do something or anything else you can think of. For example: birthday cake, books, supper at my house, a zebra’s stripes, a chimney, the tooth fairy, common sayings like ‘a penny for your thoughts’, ‘a red rag to a bull’, ‘a pinch and a punch for the first of the month’, April Fools Day, a wheel, a Christmas tree, a ladder, Father Christmas, May Day, a siren, a 5 dollar bill, shaking hands when meeting someone.

Tell your story of the history behind the thing or event. It doesn’t have to be real! The goal of this public speaking game is to be confident and fluent!

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to say, give yourself a :20 or :30 second time slot to fill and increase the time as you become more comfortable.

Movements                            30 man on fire burpees


Quick Thinking Drill:

1 minute to think of as many items that you would find in the fridge

Focus drill:

Double doodle

-both hands at the same time drawing a figure 8

Speech Game

“Story Starters”

Story Starters

Choose from the examples below or create your own opening sentences or phrases, build a story. There is a 1 minute minimum time limit and no maximum!

For example: ‘It was a dark and stormy night’, ‘I wish people would not say …’, ‘Yesterday I saw a herd of cows ‘, ‘My favorite activity is bird watching’, ‘The wisest saying I ever heard was …’, ‘In 20 years time I will be …’, ‘It made me yell’, ‘All I want for Christmas is …’, ‘Something is terribly wrong …’, ‘The little voice inside my head …’, ‘This is the secret I’ve never shared before’, ‘I never knew what happened …’, ‘Sometimes I just want to …’, ‘You know it’s Summer when …’, ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you’, ‘The story made me want to …’,’I heard the best news this morning’, ‘The sound of people laughing …’

Be creative and have FUN!

Movements                            21-15-9

Wall ball

Sit ups


Quick Thinking Drill:

1 minute to think of as many things that are the colour ‘green’.

Focus drill:

Cross Crawl

Speech Game

“Story Intervals”


Story Intervals

Pick an object in the room. You have 30 seconds to talk about that object. You can create a fictional story about it coming to life, or you can create a factual story and describe how it is used. At the end of   30 seconds, you have to pause for 10 seconds. After the 10 second pause you can continue with your story. Complete a minimum of 3 intervals of 30 seconds. There is no maximum!

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