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4 rounds
25 ring rows
5 cleans

Then write about your perfect day. Include everything from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed. What does your perfect day look like? How does it compare to your typical day? What small changes could you make to get you closer to that perfect day?
There is no time limit to this activity. Take as long as you need and save some time to reflect on it.

Happy Wednesday!


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5 rounds

200-meter sprint
immediately in to
5 box jumps (soft landing)
10 burpees
2:00 rest


Play Chess!

Here are the rules! http://www.chesscoachonline.com/chess-articles/chess-rules
Here are some thinking strategies ! https://www.ichess.net/blog/4-step-thinking-process/


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3:00 AMRAP
10 KB swings
10 lunges

1:00 rest

3:00 AMRAP
20 squats
20 Russian twists

3:00 AMRAP
30 ring rows
30 push ups

Then: First to Add it Up
You will need one deck of cards and 2 or more players.

Players take turns flipping 3 cards at a time. It is a race to call out the total of the 3 cards. The first person to shout out the answer, gets that number of points. Play continues until all cards have been flipped.


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5 Rounds

4 Pistols
8 kettlebell swings
12 sit ups
30 seconds on each story starter

Continue these Story Starters. Written or verbally.

R1- I woke up in Mindcraft and….
R2- I climbed to the top of the world. When I looked down, I saw….
R3- I dreamed I swallowed a giant marshmallow and…
R4- I opened my drawer and found…
R5- I flew out my window and…


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1:00 burpulls (burpee + pull-up)
1:00 push presses
1:00 one-legged hops
1:00 jumping jacks
1:00 overhead carry, dodgeball medicine ball
1:00 Burpee pull ups

Choose a category. For every letter of the alphabet, come up with an object from your category.

Ex. Fruits. A-apple B-Banana C-cantaloupe….

You can use any category that the individual is familiar with. Fruits, bands, cities, athletes, etc.


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Run/Row/Bike 2 km (Increase or decrease distance as needed)

Solve the following problem.

You can add 3 numbers in a row to equal 74.
You can add 4 numbers in a row to equal 74.
You can add 5 numbers in a row to equal 75.
Two statements are true. Which one is a lie?