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Daily Challenge: working memory

By September 13, 2012wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

draw 3 cards from a deck and learn them – use PAO method, memory palace, or any other method you know of.

10m forward plank walk

10m backward plank walk

10m plank walk left

10m plank walk right

Recall the 3 cards.

Focus drill: 30 seconds of tracing an “X” with right hand, 30 seconds of tracing an “X” with left hand


12 minute AMRAP/As many cards as possible:

Learn 3 cards of a deck of cards, then:

10m agility ladder

2 left leg raised push ups

2 right leg raised push ups

2 wide leg push ups

2 regular push ups.

Recall the cards.

Between each round, learn 3 more cards. If you cannot recall the cards, you must complete a round of the workout in order to look at the cards again.

Reflection: What method did you use?

Post results and reflection to comments.



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