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Daily Challenge: Word Skipping

By February 5, 2013Reading, wod

For this workout, you will need a book or short text to read from.

Warm up:

10 squats => 5 burpees => bear crawl => 10 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg => 10 sit-ups => 100-meter run

After each round, count a new object in the room such as: number of ceiling tiles, number of bricks on the wall, number of floor mats, number of plates stacked, etc.


Trace a figure 8 10 times with each hand.


10:00 AMRAP
5 one-arm dumbbell hang power cleans
5 one-arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge steps

5 one-arm dumbbell power snatches
5 one-arm dumbbell front rack walking lunge steps
Switch arms

After every 2 rounds, read a paragraph of text but only read every 2nd word. Then, go back and read the alternate words that you skipped.

Post total rounds to comments.


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