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Daily Challenge: Word problems

By August 22, 2012wod

10-minute AMRAP
5 front squats, 65#/55#
10 kettlebell swings, 16 kg/12 kg
15 two-hand vertical jumps to target 8” above max reach

Between each round, answer 2 of the following word problems:

1) Once upon a time, there were three little pigs – ages 2, 4, and 6. Are their ages even or odd?

2) Each little pig wanted to build a house. Pig #1 wanted to build a house of straw. Straw costs $4 a bundle. He needs 9 bundles. How much will he spend?

3) The 2nd little pig wanted to build a house of sticks. Each bundle of sticks weighs 5 pounds. Pig#2 needs 10 bundles. How much will they weigh?

4) Pig #3 wanted to build a house of bricks. Each side of his 4-sided house needs 100 bricks. How many bricks will he need?

5) How many different ways could the pigs arrange their houses?

6) Pig #1 worked on his house 3 hours a day for 2 days. How long did he work?

7) Pig #2 built his house in 8 hours. He worked for 4 days. How many hours did he work each day?

8) Pig #3 worked for 16 hours. How much longer did he work than Pig # 2?

9) Pig #1 wanted to put in windows. He wanted to put 3 windows on each side of 2 sides of his house. How many windows will he put in?

10) Pig 2 wanted wall to wall carpeting. He needs 20 sq. feet. The carpet was $4 a square foot, but such a deal. He got it for half price! What did it cost him for his carpeting?

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