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Daily Challenge: Spelling patterns and vocabulary

By November 28, 2012wod

Warm up:

Using an agility ladder:

3 rounds

1 length, 2 foot hop

1 length, right foot hop

1 length, left foot hop

1 length “ins and outs”

Then, in 30 seconds, list as many words as you can that have a “th” letter combination.


Trace a figure 8 pattern for 30 seconds


4 rounds for time:

10 walking lunges

10 wall ball

10 one arm dumbell snatches, each arm

Between each round, you have 30 seconds to write as many words as possible that have the following letter combinations:

After round 1: “ai”

After round 2: “ght”

After round 3: “tch”

After round 4: “ee”

Post time and total number of words to comments.


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