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Daily Challenge: Plural Nouns

By August 9, 2012wod

3 x or 5:00
Forward roll => 10-meter bear crawl => basic dot drill x 6 => 5 bunny hops => 25-meter side shuffle => 25-meter back pedal


3 rounds
15 hang power snatch, 95#/65#
30 push-ups
60 squats
120 double-unders

Write the plural noun for the following verbs:

hat, duck, cat, lip, clock, clip, chip, consonant,   pen, dog, can, tree, drum, bird, bee, cookie,
bush, watch, brush, ostrich, bridg, finch,   month, word, sentence, map, country,
child, tooth, man, goose, woman, foot, mouse, sheep, person, deer, wolf, leaf, knife, phenomena, crisis

Then, complete the sentences, following the directions.

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