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Daily Challenge: Number Relationships

By December 20, 2012Memory, wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

5m log roll

10 walking lunges

2 forward rolls

10m army crawl

10 squats


Develop a detailed picture for each digit. For example, a “1” looks like a skyscraper. Determine how high it is, what colour it is, picture the birds flying around it. Do that for each number. Make it memorable. Write them down.


Draw 10 figure 8’s with each hand.


Give your list of “pictures” to a partner. Between each round, they will give you 3 simple math questions. However, they are to use your pictures instead of numbers. For example “skyscraper plus snowman” might mean “1 + 8”. You provide the correct numerical answer. Your partner may not help you remember what each picture means.

5 rounds for time:

4 10m shuttle runs

10 push ups

10 squats

3 math questions

Post time to comments. How well did you do remembering your numbers? Keep your list of number pictures. They come in handy for remembering long lists!

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