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Daily Challenge: Language

By October 17, 2012wod

Warm up:

10m bear crawl x2

10 lateral hops over a line

5 pushups

4 rounds

For each round, during the pushups, name 5 things from the following categories:

Round 1: Brands of cars

Round 2: Vegetables

Round 3: toothpaste brands

Round 4: 4 legged animals



On a piece of paper, draw 10 x’s on a line. One the next line, draw 10 x’s with your other hand.


3 rounds:

200m run

7 thrusters

11 pushups

Between each round, for 30 seconds, write as many words as you can that come to mind when you think of the following things:

After round 1: bears

After round 2: rainy days

After round 3: car rides

Post WOD time and number of words for each round to comments.

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