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Daily Challenge: Handwriting

By September 24, 2012wod

For this workout, you need salad tongs and many building blocks.

Warm up:

5 broad jumps

5 lateral hops to the right

5 lateral hops to the left

10 lateral hops alternating left to right

With the salad tongs, move 6 building blocks from one pile to another pile, 10m away. Alternate using right and left hands.

5 rounds


Trace an “x” 10 times with your right hand, 10 times with your left hand.


5 rounds, for time:

10 walking lunges

2 dynamic pushups, hopping to the right

2 dynamic pushups, hopping to the left

4 dynamic pushups, alternating to the left then right.

Between each round, shuttle as many building blocks as possible using the salad tongs from one point to another 10m away, in 1minute. Alternate the hand you use each time you pick up a new block.

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