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Daily Challenge: Focus Drill

By June 19, 2012wod

A little something for our friends working in offices…


1 min amrap of each:


push ups

hold plank

3 rounds


Focus Drill

Tracin I Miss My Ex Boyfriend How Do I Get Him Back g the sideways 8

Begin on the center line and follow the arrows without lifting your pen off the page.

1 min continuous tracing with the right hand.

1 min continuous tracing with the left hand


When we perform movements that cross the mid-line we switch on interhemispheric communication.  Using this techniques before meetings or  before tackling a lengthy task will help your focus and attention. Switch on your focus as many times throughout the day as you need!

Mobility of the day

The shoulder chair stretch

Sitting on the edge of your seat reach back and grab the back of your chair. Keep the elbows bent as you pull your shoulders behind your ears and raising your chest towards the ceiling without arching your back.


Give yourself 1 point for each minute you spend in this stretch today.

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