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Daily Challenge: Eye Tracking

By June 27, 2012wod

Warm up:

agility ladder (basic pattern) -> 3 forward rolls -> run 50m -> run 50m backwards -> 3 backwards rolls -> agility ladder (basic pattern)

Trace 5 door frames with your eyes. Trace the line that is formed by the wall meeting the ceiling; trace that line 3 times. Focus on the furthest thing you can see, and then “zoom in” to the closest thing you can see. Trace the alphabet in the air with both of your hands; once making correct letters with both hands, once making mirror images with your right and left hands.


Set up a short obstacle course. This can include:

– agility ladder

– walking lunges

– wall ball

– inchworms

At one end of the obstacle course, place the word list for the word search. At the other end of the obstacle course, place the actual word search. Learn the first 3-4 words for the word search, run through the obstacle course, and then find those words. If you get to the puzzle and forget the words, you must run back through the obstacle course to retrieve the word that you forgot. Continue this until you have found all of the words in the puzzle, or, set a timecap of 12 minutes and find as many words as you can during this time. Race a friend. 3-2-1-Go!

word search

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