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Daily Challenge: Eye Focusing

By October 16, 2012wod

Warm up:

20 seconds high knee running on the spot

5 walking lunges

5 walking lunges following a line

4 rounds

then… go to the window. Find the object that is furthest away from you. Slowly focus on objects that are progressively closer and closer to you until you are focusing on the glass of the window itself!


Trace a figure 8 pattern for 30 seconds.


For this WOD, post the “large letters” poster on the wall. Between each round, read the first letter at arms reach from the wall it is posted on. With each letter read, take one step backwards. The goal is to read all 25 letters unbroken. If you can read it unbroken within the first 3 rounds, alternate between reading with your right eye and your left eye.

5 rounds:

10 skips

5 burpees

5 situps reaching and looking to the left

5 situps reaching and looking to the right

Post reflection on eye focus drill and WOD time to comments.


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