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Daily Challenge: Eye Focusing

By January 8, 2013wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

10m foward run

10m backward run

10 pushups

10 hollow rocks

2x10m side shuffle, passing a ball between you and a partner


Using your eyes, trace 5 ‘x’ patterns on  a wall, using bricks or corners as end points.


On a wall, post a calendar.

5 rounds:

5 handstand push ups

5 burpee long jumps

5 hollow rocks

During the burpee long jumps, start far away from the wall. Before the 1st burpee long jump, call out the number of the 1st Monday of the month. Jump closer to the wall. Before your 2nd burpee long jump, call out the number of the 2nd Monday of the month, and then jump closer to the wall. Do this for each burpee long jump, getting closer and closer to the wall each time. Change the calendar to a different month each round.

Post total time to comments.


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