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Daily Challenge: Courier Confusion

By January 24, 2013Memory, wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

At the beginning of each round, open the phone book and memorize a random phone number.

10 double unders

10 box jumps

10 basic dot drills

Recall the phone number at the end of the round.


Trace 10 x patterns with each hand


Mr. Cooper has a letter to deliver but has trouble remembering the address. Study the address below for 2 minutes and then him him fill in the information at the end of the workout.

2 minutes to memorize

Jason Smith

The Oaks

7th Floor

49 Willow Avenue

Cookstown, MI


8:00 AMRAP
8 handstand push ups/stinkbugs
8 push ups
8 lunges

Fill in the information:

_________ Smith

The ______

____th floor

49 ______ Ave.

_________ ,MI


Post rounds and amount of address correct to comments.

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