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Daily Challenge: Categories

By January 31, 2013wod

Warm up:

3 rounds:

10m bear crawl – 10m backwards bear crawl – 3 forward rolls – 15 line hops – 3 backward rolls

then, name as many cities in your state/province as possible in 30 seconds.


Perform 10 jumping jacks, and then trace a figure 8 pattern 10 times.


3 rounds, as quickly as possible. After each round, have a “ref” call out a new category. Name as many things in this category as possible in 30 seconds.

2x10m shuttle run

5 toes to bar

10 push ups

Possible categories:

– 4 legged animals

– types of flowers

– brands of toothpaste

– CrossFit benchmark workouts

– brands of vehicles

– countries in Europe

Post total number of words to comments.

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