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Daily Challenge: Active Listening

By January 16, 2013wod

For this workout you will need an age/grade appropriate book, and a partner.

Warm up:

3 rounds:

10 walking lunges

10m run

10 hollow rocks

10m run

10 mountain climbers

10m run


20 Frankenstein walks (kick your foot up to your opposite hand)


To start the round, Partner A will read a line of a book out loud. Then, Partner B will complete one round of this:

30 walking lunges

20 sit ups

15 push ups

And then Partner B will repeat the line of the book back to Partner A. Partner A will then read another line of the book. Continue this as many times as possible for 12 minutes. Aim for accuracy in repeating the sentences back to your partner.

Post total rounds to comments.

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