CrossFit has changed fitness.

CrossFit affiliates have changed the learning process. It is now acceptable–even desirable–for a housewife in her 30s, a grandmother in her 70s, or a MMA fighter in his prime to have a coach. For those who do CrossFit, practical learning no longer ends in college.

The collective power of our community is larger than any other force for change in the world. We possess a lever long enough to change the world, and the implications beyond fitness are myriad. Improved cognition is one of the largest opportunities before us.

Improved academic scores, attention, memory, focus…virtually every aspect of intelligence can be proven through exercise. This is no longer in doubt. The remaining challenge is to present exercise in an appealing way. CrossFit and CrossFit Kids has solved this puzzle.

With engaging workouts¬†and a retention rate double that of any other fitness modality, CrossFit can deliver the perfect opportunity for learning: in Dr. John Ratey’s words, “competitive collaboration.” Kids love it. So do elderly stroke victims, teens with autism, parents and teachers.

CrossFit gyms around the world have been making solo attempts to help those with cognitive challenges. Autism groups, stroke and chemobrain rehabilitation, even traumatic brain injury treatments have begun to appear in CrossFit gyms. Enrichment programs like chess and languages are now available in increasing numbers. And some elite mental athletes use CrossFit to train.

CrossFit Brain will pull together these practitioners to display their work, discuss best practices and teach interested gym owners how to launch their own programs. 

One of the greatest tragedies of Western culture is potential unfulfilled. Though we have the resources to provide good health, education, and ease, many children still miss opportunities for cognitive growth both inside and outside of a school setting. By creating cognitive programs in CrossFit gyms, supporting extracurricular learning and building classrooms, CrossFit Brain can push bright minds to the forefront of our world.