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Weekly In-Class Challenge: May 30

By May 30, 2011wod

In our NeuroMotive Coach Textbook, "Cognitive Enrichment Through Movement," Section V is devoted to delivering the Ignite! method in a classroom setting.

In our research with a local Board of Education, we found it very useful to explain the rationale and method to students involved in the Ignite! workouts. This improved "buy-in" – adherence – and encouraged mass participation. 

These 'challenges' are to be done daily for one week, at the start of the school day. Shorter "interventions" are scheduled a the beginning of each new class, and are subject- or skill-specific(as you'll see tomorrow.)

Week 1: Movement's Effects On The Brain.

Key points to tell students:

– The two sides of the brain, and their role.

– How their brains developed through movement; how their reflexes led to lifting, turning, reaching, standing, and feeding, which allowed for exploring.

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