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Today’s Workout: “JR”

By June 10, 2011wod

Sadly, we lost one of our own yesterday.

JR Thomas (owner, with his wife Tania, of JRThomas CrossFit) died suddenly on Wednesday night.

Several weeks ago, JR contacted us about hosting a Certification Weekend in Shrewsbury, MA. After talking things through a few times, we chose a date; JR was willing to pay for four other Trainers to take the course! He wanted to share Ignite! with everyone he could. A humble guy, he had great athletic success before sharing his REAL gift – coaching – with hundreds, of which nearly all poured out their grief on his facebook page last night.

JR described himself this way on that page: "Husband, Father,Teacher, Coach, Athlete, Trainer, lucky guy." We were the lucky ones, JR: from the Ignite! guys you pushed to make their dream concrete, to the autistic kids you fought for and played with every day in your Box.

His most common message, shared with all his clients? "LOVE. RESPECT. ALWAYS." We'll hold these words close today, JR. Thank you.


20' ladder – foot crossover down and back

20' ladder – hand crossover down and back

5m/10m/20m shuttle run

5m/10m/20m shuttle bear crawl

3 rounds for time.

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