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Today’s BrainWOD: Upside Down Stories

By February 25, 2014wod

taylor ignite

Warm up:

3 rounds:

25 single skips

25 right leg skips

25 left leg skips

25 skier skips


4 rounds

11 Dips

11 Double Unders

11 Thrusters

Between each round, complete one wall walk. When in handstand position, read 2 lines of the following  story.

Ned Has a Tent
Ned has a tent.
“This is my tent,” said Ned.
Ned has room in his tent.
“I can rest in my tent,” said Ned.
“Soon I will rest in my tent,” he said.
“My tent is a neat tent,” said Ned.

This story is a grade 1 level story. Difficulty can be increased by:

– reading a longer story

– reading 3 sentences per round

– reading a paragraph of a story per round

– increasing grade level of the story

Stories of differing levels can be found at various websites including:





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