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Today’s BrainWOD: “Three Strikes”

By March 27, 2014Memory, wod


This weekend is the USA Memory Championships in New York. We’ll be posting pictures and results as they happen. Here is one of the events:

Three Strikes You’re Out

Five Mental Athletes (MAs) will have 15 minutes to hear and review facts about 6 different people. The information will include: name, date of birth, where they live, phone number, pet, favorite three hobbies, favorite car and favorite three foods. The information will be presented to the MAs both orally and in written format. Example:

First Person

  • Name (first, middle, last): Dorothy Jane Haynes
  • Date of Birth (month, date, year): June 26, 1957
  • Residence (city, state, zip code): Old Tappan, NJ 07675
  • Phone number: 555-4761
  • Pet (type, color, name): black cat Sally
  • Favorite 3 hobbies: fishing, golfing, reading
  • Favorite car (year, make/model, color): 1957 blue Chevy Corvette
  • Favorite 3 foods: spaghetti, chocolate, steak

Once the retention period is over, the MAs will be randomly selected and ordered to begin the oral recall of information.   Each of the six people will be brought back, but in a different order than they appeared. The announcer will then instruct MAs to begin with the first piece of information and continue consecutively.  Each MA will be allowed no more than 15 seconds to answer. All pieces of information presented must be correct as well as complete (i.e. date of birth must include correct month, date and year).

Each MA will be allowed 3 incorrect or incomplete answers before being eliminated. The first 2 MAs with three errors each will be eliminated.


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