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Today’s BrainWOD: “Swadesh”

CatalystGames2013-7667_zpsbe6402e2The Swadesh List is a comparison of 270 words that are the most used in each language.

Many teachers are aware of the overlap of Latin-root words (commonly called ‘Romantic’ languages.) Comparing modern-day iterations of these words still shows a common root.

Choose words for today’s lesson from the Swadesh List. Compare the words; find the roots that they have in common.

Ages 3-5: 3 nouns

Ages 6-8: 10 nounds

Ages 9-12: 10 nouns and verbs (mixed)

Ages 13-18: 20 nouns and verbs (mixed)

Build the words into a challenge and create an anchoring activity as part of the Ignite 7 Steps.

Ignite BrainWODs are comprised of 7 phases (the Ignite 7 Steps.) The above can be used on its own as a lesson in language encoding, or incorporated into the 7 Steps for optimal benefit.

The Ignite 7 Steps are outlined in Enrichment Through Exercise, and taught in our NeuroMotive Coach Certifications. 

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