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Perform a full-body warmup, including your preferred Focus Drill.

Read a book of your choosing for ten minutes.

Kids <6: Storybook

Kids 6-8: Chapter of a book

Kids 8-12: Descriptive book

Teens: Homework (biology, history or other descriptive subject)

Adults: Where’s Waldo? A Mathematical Strategy for Locating The Missing Man.


Then: “Tabata Talking Two”

Do as many squats as possible in 20 seconds. Take a 10-second rest.

Do as many pushups as possible in 20 seconds. Take a 10-second rest.

‘Teach’ your book for 20 seconds: retell the story, or explain the concepts you read. Fill the full 20 seconds without pausing. Take a 10-second rest.

Repeat for up to 8 rounds. The game ends when you can’t recall more about what you read.

Ignite BrainWODs are comprised of 7 phases (the Ignite 7 Steps.) Warmups, focus drills, pre-lesson challenges and anchoring activities should precede and follow this challenge for optimal benefit.

The Ignite 7 Steps are outlined in Enrichment Through Exercise, and taught in our NeuroMotive Coach Certifications. 

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