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Today’s BrainWOD: “Pi Day!”


Warm up:

Create a number journey with your phone number.

3 rounds

10 mountain climbers

10 hollow rocks

10 walking lunges

10 sit ups

Then, recall your number journey of your phone number.


March 20 steps, tapping right hand to left knee and vice versa.


Every minute, on the minute memorize digits of pi and then complete 1 round of the WOD, and then recall the digits of pi.

Round 1, memorize 3 digits of pi. Round 2, memorize 4 digits of pi. Round 3, memorize 5 digits of pi. Continue in this pattern.

Complete 1 round of:

5 pull ups

5 push ups

5 squats

5 situps

Recall the digits of pi that you learned before the round.

Continue until you can no longer recall the digits of pi that you learn at the beginning of the round.

Post highest number of digits that were successfully recalled.

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