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Part of the mysterious autistic brain might be interhemispheric coordination: one side is underconnected or overconnected, or one area (like the amygdala) might be wired to the wrong spots.

We can’t simulate how that feels. But we can get a tiny taste.

Since the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, and the left controls the right side, we can test our interhemispheric coordination by performing a similar mental task unilaterally. Covering our nondominant eye while doing a word search shouldn’t affect our speed, but covering the DOMINANT eye will usually dramatically affect our speed.

Try this today:

Find your dominant eye.

Make two word searches using the same words in different combinations.

Time yourself with your nondominant eye covered.

Wait five minutes

Time yourself with your dominant eye covered.

What’s the difference in your time?

Two sample word searches are attached!



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