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Today’s BrainWOD: “Math Square”

By December 7, 2013wod
Warm-Up/Skill –
Varsity, Junior Varsity and Novice:
400-meter jog/run => 400-meter sprint
Banded shoulder distraction => Spiderman stretch => pigeon stretch => 200-meter run

Elementary and Preschool:
3x or 5:00
Run in place => high knees in place => 5 super-slow squats => hop in place

10:00 AMRAP
1 rope climb
7 push presses, 95#/65#
14 overhead walking lunges, 95#/65#

Junior Varsity:
10:00 AMRAP
1 rope climb
7 push presses, 55#/45#
14 overhead walking lunges, 55#/45#

10:00 AMRAP
1 rope climb or beginner rope climb
5 push presses, unloaded-10#
10 walking lunges


Place the digits 1 through 9 in the white blanks so that the mathematical equations work both across and down. Each digit 1 through 9 should appear only once in the main grid (the red square). 

Today, we’ll be demonstrating a BrainWOD in Park City, Utah at CrossFit Park City!

Ignite BrainWODs are comprised of 7 phases (the Ignite 7 Steps.) Warmups, focus drills, pre-CrossFit Kids workouts and anchoring activities precede and follow this challenge for optimal benefit.

The Ignite 7 Steps are outlined in Enrichment Through Exercise, and taught in our NeuroMotive Coach Certifications. 

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