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Today’s BrainWOD: 111314

By November 13, 2014wod

Working Memory Wall Ball

When To Use:

  • warm up activity or “death by” WOD
  • kids groups


  • working memory and auditory memory

(working memory is your ability to put information on a cognitive ‘shelf,’ complete a distracting task, and retrieve from the ‘shelf.’ The challenge is retrieving everything from the right shelf in the correct sequence.)


  • the number recall worksheet (attached)
  • a wall ball
  • numbers on the wall written in chalk

How to play

Each athlete needs a wall ball and wall configuration (use numbers on the  one of the 3 options attached)

Athletes stand in front of a wall. When the coach says the first 3-digit number, the athlete performs three wall balls, reaching a full squat position and throwing the ball to hit each number in the correct sequence. Upon successful completion, the coach issues a new number; digits increase as the game goes on.


  • Play three rounds at each stage before adding another digit.
  • Athletes must wait for all numbers to be called out before they make the first wall ball shot.
  • The ball must hit the number accurately, or the rep doesn’t count.


  • Score is determined by the number of complete rounds (3 sets of digits = 1 round.)


Large group options:

  • Partner up and each pair of athletes works independently with the number sheet
  • All participate and coach yells out the number sequence. Athletes write the correct sequence after performing the wall balls.
  • Elimination: in teams of three, each person is responsible for a set of digits and the last team standing wins.
  • Death by wall ball EMOM starting with 3 numbers in 1st min,  4 numbers in 2nd min, 5 numbers in the 3rd……. .

Coaches may add an interference to increase the challenge at any time:

1.) Delayed recall –  athletes perform a separate task for time or reps (:20, :30 etc.) before beginning the wall ball. The longer the delay, the greater the challenge.

2.) “Be that guy” interference…. yell random numbers while the athlete is doing wall ball.

3.) Backwards recall – athletes must flip the number sequence during the recall (Ie. 40927 becomes 72904)

4.) Ask the athlete to recite their phone number right before they begin the wall ball shots.

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