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Today’s BrainWOD: 111313

By November 13, 2013wod


“Fast Draw”

3 Pistols per leg

3 T-Pushups per arm

Draw a random number.

Round 1: add the number to your total

Round 2: subtract the number from your total

Round 3: multiply the number by your total

Round 4: divide the total by your number. Round to the nearest whole number.

Do 12 rounds for accuracy: try to get the final number correct.

Scaling: Kids use numbers 1-10 (or appropriate.) Adults use numbers 1-20 (or appropriate.)

Replace the number

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Ignite BrainWODs are comprised of 7 phases (the Ignite 7 Steps.) The above can be used on its own for a fun challenge, or incorporated into the 7 Steps for optimal benefit.

The Ignite 7 Steps are outlined in Enrichment Through Exercise, and taught in our NeuroMotive Coach Certifications. 

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