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Today’s BrainWOD: 102914

By October 30, 2014Uncategorized, wod

Memory challenge. Use the PAO method, tagging or repetition to memorize the cards.

Draw three cards.

Row 250m

8 burpees

8 box jumps

Recall the three cards in order.

If successful, continue the next round with four cards.

Repeat and recall the four cards correctly. Continue the next round with five cards.

Goal: correctly recall the maximum number of cards in 20:00.

From Tuesday’s BrainWOD: all words of 3 or more letters that can be derived from the phrase, “CrossFit WOD”:


cot cow coo cod cid rot
row rod rio rid oct oft
sos sot sow sod sic sir
sis sit sid fro fri for
fir fit fdr ifs ito its
ids tor tow too tod tic
two wot woo wis wit doc
dos dot dow dis crow cord
cost coif cots cows coos coot
cods ross rots rows roof root
rood rods rico rios riot rift
rids otis oort odis odor scot
scow sort soft sots soto sows
soot sods sics sirs sift sits
stow stir foci fort ford foot
food firs fist fits fido trod
trio tors toss tows tics tiro
twos writ word woos woof wood
wist wits docs dots door dirt
dior disc diss cross crows crowd
corot cords costs coifs coors coots
roost roofs roots roods riots rifts
odors scrod scots scows scoot sorts
sifts stoic stows stood stirs sword
swift frost frito forts fords foist
foots foods first fiord fists trios
torsi torso tiros wrist writs worst
words woofs woods dross drift doric
doris doors disco discs crofts crowds
roosts scrods scoots stoics swords swifts
frosts frisco foists firsts fiords torsos
wrists worsts drifts doctor discos

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