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Today’s BrainWOD: 092814

By September 28, 2014wod

“Tabata Cards”

When to use:

  • An additional round in ‘Tabata This”
  • A warm up activity
  • Kids groups


–      challenges working memory, processing speed and delayed recall

–      a way to start training for the memory championships


–      24 cards per athlete

How to play:

– Using the Tabata clock, the athlete turns over three cards and has 20 seconds to study. At the :20 mark, the athlete turns the three cards face down for 10 seconds.  Immediately after the 10-second rest, the athlete has 20 seconds to study a new set of three cards, followed by a 10 second break (in which the cards are turned face down.) Continue for eight rounds, keeping each set of three cards separate.  After eight rounds the athlete attempts to accurately recall as many cards as possible in order, for a maximum score of 24.


  •  The athlete must name the card before turning it face up.  A correct match equals 1 point.
  • The athlete turn the cards over in the same order they were given.


The number of cards correctly recalled out of 24 = total.


  • 1 card per round
  • 2 cards per round
  • 3 cards per round, but fewer rounds
  • Recall the numbers (void the suits)
  • Recall the suits (void the numbers)
  • Burpee penalty for every missed card

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