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Day 08

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Day 8!

4 Rounds
400m Run
Recover for the same amount of time it took to run.

If its nice enough to get outside, do these runs outdoors! If not, substitute:
1:00 Jumping Jacks
1:00 Rest
1:00 Squats
1:00 Rest
1:00 Push ups
1:00 Rest
1:00 Sit ups


Create a list of fun or maybe productive activities you’d like to do during this period of social distancing!

Day 06

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Warm Up
Run on the spot 30 seconds
Plank hold 30 seconds
3 rounds

4 Rounds
5 Hollow Rocks
7 Burpees
9 lunges
1 Social Skills Question (see below)

Ask your child the following Social Skills questions.

  1. Yesterday, your friend said something that hurt your feelings. Today they want to play with you, but you aren’t so sure if you want to. What do you do?
  2.  Your friend invited everyone except you to their birthday party. What do you do?
  3.  Your friend got new shoes and she LOVES them and she is telling you all about them but you don’t like them. What do you do?
  4. Someone is in your usual lunch seat sitting beside your best friend. What do you do?

Day 05

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For 6 minutes, increase by 1 rep each round. See how high your child can get in the time limit.

1 lunge
1 mountain climber
1 Addition question

2 lunges
2 mountain climbers
2 Addition questions

3 lunges
3 mountain climbers
3 addition questions

And so on, for 10:00. Adjust time limit as needed.
Substitute any quick mental math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) based on age and ability level.

Google Images is the easiest place to find basic free pintables.

Day 04

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Pre-Movement Challenge

To the song Bring Sally Up, perform planks. On the lyrics “Bring Sally Up” go up into a plank hold. On the lyrics “Bring Sally Down” rest. Continue for as long as you can. You can substitute squats or burpees for added challenge!


Set out a tray of about 10 random items from around your home.

Give your child 1:00 to study the tray. Then, have them perform ONE round of the workout. While they are not looking, remove 1-2 items from the tray and have them tell you what is missing after each round of the workout.

Continue this for 10:00.


2 Wall Walks (Place your hands on the floor and walk your feet up the wall)
4 Burpees
6 Lunges
8 Side to Side hops
10 Jumping Jacks

Day 03

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Day 3

Pre-Movement Practice
Inch Worm
-Hands start on the ground near your feet, walk your hands out to full plank, hold for 10s, then walk your feet in to meet your hands. Continue that movement across the room for 3 minutes. Remember your hands and feet do not move at the same time. This movement is a cognitive challenge of its own for younger children!

Then, read the following paragraph out loud or have your child read it independently. Immediately after reading, perform the workout. After the workout, ask your child the True/False questions regarding the story you just read.
5 rounds:
5 squats
5 sit ups
5 push ups
20 second plank


Day 02

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3 rounds:
Crab Walk across the room –>Hold Hollow Rock for 15 seconds
Bear Crawl across the room–> Hold Superman for 15 seconds
Frog Hop across the room–>Hold bottom of squat for 15 seconds
Frankenstein walks across the room –>Hold toe touch for 15 seconds

Create 3 terrible inventions. Let the kids get creative with this. Have them describe the invention and draw an image of it.
For example: A tennis ball made of glass.

Day 01 !

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Pre-Movement Practice
Crossing the Midline
-Stand up tall like a star
-cross your body to touch you opposite toe. Keep your legs as straight as you can
-Return to a tall star
Repeat 10x


Set a timer for 6:00

For 6:00, rotate through the following exercises:

10 jumping jacks
10 long jumps
10 arm circles
10 push ups
1 Category question

Category Questions:

Write three words in each category (or help you child read and write their answers)

What can you use water for?
Words that begin with -sun
Things with a screen
Kinds of trees
Things in the bathroom
Circular things
What can you do to your hair
Types of transportation



Introduction to BRAINWOD’s

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Good Morning!

Are you wondering how to keep your children active over the 3 weeks social distancing period? IgniteGym is here to help!

Each morning, we will provide you with an At-Home BrainWOD!
BrainWODs are specifically created workouts to stimulate cognitive and physical activity. With so many people practicing social distancing for the next few weeks, we wanted to make sure everyone’s BRAINS and BODIES stay active, healthy and happy.
The activities are designed for all ages. Adults can benefit greatly as well!
Some items that may come in handy:

-Open space in your home, doesn’t have to be large. A living room with the coffee table moved to the side is perfect!
-Painters tape
-Broomstick, hockey stick, etc. (something long and straight that won’t bend)
– 2 Dice
-Deck of cards

Here’s what to do!
Check in daily for the BrainWOD
Do the BrainWOD and take a picture
Post the picture to our Facebook page
Each post earns one ballot into the contest, which will conclude the week children return to school.

Up for Grabs- Free Introduction to Ignite package (4 One on One sessions at Ignite) and Hoodie
If you are not local, we will do remote training and consultation online.


Hi, I’m Hayley!

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Hi Everyone!
We’ve had quiet a few new followers over the last couple months, so this week, I want to go back to the basics and share some information and fun facts about IgniteGym!

Today, I’ll start by introducing myself and my vision behind the program!

I’m Hayley Campbell, Owner of IgniteGym. We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. My path with Ignite began in 2013. I had just had my first daughter, still on Maternity Leave and the previous owner asked if I’d be able to coach one group, one night a week. I had followed the program and knew I wanted to get involved. So I said, “Yes, if course!”. The day my maternity leave ended; I already had a full schedule and was excited to continue the journey. I quickly moved into the role of Head Coach and In 2016, was promoted to General Manager. In spring 2018, my boss brought me to a business ownership conference in Chicago. After the weekend of soaking up advise and guidance from successful business owners, he sent me a message telling me it was time to buy him out. Could I possibly be up for that challenge!?

July 2018, I purchased IgniteGym. I was so thrilled to be able to grow and build upon IgniteGym and expand the vision! We service children of ALL needs! Parents that come in for consultations will often question whether their child is okay to participate in a “gym” and I ALWAYS say YES! No matter what your child’s abilities are, we can always find some activities that will get their bodies moving! When we say we work with kids of all abilities, we TRULY mean it.

This year, IgniteGym has also created an affiliate program and other gyms and Private Schools around North America are implementing IgniteGym into their own gyms! With this, I am over the moon. With one gym in Sault Ste Marie, we can only help so many children, but with multiple gyms sharing the same vision, we can help LOTS!
Tomorrow, I will answer a frequently asked question:
What exactly is IgniteGym?
Have a great day,


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Set up an obstacle course that includes:

At the beginning of the obstacle course have a list of 5-15 words depending on the age group. Have a white board or piece of paper at the end of the course. They take 30s memorizing the words, run through the obstacle course and write down or recite as many words as they can recall.