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Happy Wednesday!

Another common question:

Q- My son/daughter has limited mobility, will there be enough for them to do with in the gym?

A-Yes, of course! All physical and cognitive activities are scaled to the participant’s level. We have children attending who are working on a very wide range of skills.

As for physical activity for an individual with limited mobility, whether they are in a wheel chair, rely on a walker or supportive assistance, or a close contact to hold onto when needed, we plan activities based on their capabilities. Here is our planning procedure for ANYONE coming into the gym.

1)Free Initial Consultation. Parent/Caregiver and child come into the gym. We discuss strengths, weaknesses and goals. We observe physical and cognitive abilities.

2) Match the individual to a coach. Ignite coaches have a broad range of skills and strengths. We match the child with the coach who will be the best match.

3)Discuss strengths, weaknesses and goals observed through the Initial Consultation and brainstorm activities.

4) Research. Learn more about client’s possible difficulties and what research says has been successful in helping them thus far.

5) Start with what research has said to be successful while coach and client get comfortable with physical limits and abilities.

6) Build their repertoire of movements through progressions.

7)Watch them hit new goals and succeed!

Special Note: Parent’s are always welcome to stay and observe sessions. They can provide feedback or discuss concerns at any time. They can even participate if they wish!  However, some kids are negatively impacted by parents watching. If this is the case, we can record any sessions with your permission and provide you with the recording. 

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