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Q- My son has limited verbal communication and doesn’t use many words. Would he see a benefit?

A- Of course! Absolutely!

We plan sessions based on the needs of each individual in the program. It is not a “one size fits all” program. Through physical activity and play we would work towards improving communication skills, whether it be body language, facial expressions, voice, written or from a tech device.

Engaging in exercise and games with their coach provides a natural setting to practice communication through play. Sessions would be planned based on their preferred type of communication. Physical activity creates an optimal environment in the brain for learning.  It increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain which in turn releases hormones and creates a surge of brain cell growth and stimulates the creation of new connections.

So, our goal would be to provide exercise to prime the brain for learning all while practicing communication skills and creating a fun environment to work on specific goals.

Here is an example of a potential session for a child who has limited verbal communication.

  1. Arrive, play a game with coach.
  2. Go over the session plan at the white board with coach. Plan is set up using visual pictures.
  3. Warm up/Game
  4. Activity- Mirror Me -Coach, moves through different actions while saying the action, child follows the actions. If the child practices saying the words that is great, if not, listening and following is a great skill on its own!)
  5. Free time to play. Coach plays along, and enforces back and forth exchanges of communication.
  6. Obstacle Course + See and Say. Child runs through obstacle course while saying the name of the obstacle/movement or pointing to the visual image of what they are about to do before moving on.
  7. Free play/game before leaving.

Throughout the session, eye contact and appropriate body language is encouraged and coach models appropriate skills.

Getting active provides a great opportunity for learning for ALL abilities!



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