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Meet the Clients #3

By October 28, 2020Blog

Today! We are catching up with one of my very first clients when I started with Ignite back in 2013.

When we first started working together he was working on “Come Here’s” and “Freeze” . Now, he is doing full workouts and following much more complicated sets of instructions!

He is such a happy guy and instantly adds such a positive energy to the gym. As soon as he walks in, he excitedly asks, “What are we going to play today?” He is open minded and up for any challenge!

We all enjoy having him here!

His parents are huge advocators for him and have supported Ignite for years. We appreciate this family and we look forward to watching Ryan grow into an intelligent, humorous young man!

We asked them a couple questions and here’s what they had to say 🙂

Happy Reading!

1. What brought you to Ignite?

– We heard good things about Ignite working with kids who struggle at different things/levels in life. Our son needed things to do outside of the house and this had the added bonus of setting goals for him to work towards.

2. What are your goals?

– To give Ryan things to do outside of the house. Also for him to learn to listen and follow instructions w the added bonus if being active

3.What has been successful?

-Ryan has learned to do various different exercises (although he doesn’t do them perfectly) he still recognizes what they are and attempts to do them. He always looks forward to going and seeing the instructor who ever it may be. Ignite provides him with a sense of being like other kids with after school activities.

4.Favourite memory(s)

– When Ryan did a group wit two other kids learning to run a 1km. Watching him do the run and finishing it was awesome to see.

5. Outside of Ignite, what are your biggest challenges?

-Finding groups for him to do things that would give him a chance to make friends or just other groups like Ignite with activities he can do after school.

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